Demolition Services

Let us do the dirty work!

REMAC Demolition provides complete demolition services from interior strip outs to complete building demolition. We provide the right combination of skills, services and equipment for every job and are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We strive to exceed customer expectations and is committed to excellence. We ensure customer satisfaction by taking all safety control measures and completing projects on time.

Planning – before the job begins…

Well before your structure is demolished we can assist in other ways

  • Directing you as to where, how, and whom to use in producing an environmental survey of your project.
  • We can assist with necessary utility cut and caps. We are experts at guiding you through the complicated structure of the gas & electric, telephone companies and local government bureaucracy.
  • Job site fencing pricing and managing installation, (temporary or permanent).
  • Sediment control pricing and managing installation
  • Adherence to OSHA regulations
  • Fire hydrant, sidewalk, fencing, lane closure, road closure, and demolition permit procurement
  • Buying out and managing PCB ballast & bulb removal Elevator & hydraulic lift oil removal Underground tank remediation & removal & subsequent soil remediation

REMAC Demolition has a variety of excavators at its disposal and we always have the most productive tools to meet the constraints and unique challenges of our clients’ projects. We have crews that specialize in the separation process. We employ chop saws, wrecking bars and hammers. All members of this operation have Fall Protection Awareness Training. Every job of this nature has its own unique Fall Protection Plan. Every employees are outfitted in appropriate personal protective equipment.

In addition we do a group safety meeting that takes place each morning and after lunch prior to the commencement of work activities. The additional aim of the group safety meeting is:

  • To prompt the site superintendent, foreman, or crew leader to specifically inspect any personal protective equipment employed for the day’s work activities.
  • To mention specific methods of operation the operations manager feels are pertinent at that point of the job.
  • To identify specific hazards to be aware of that are pertinent to the current portion of the project. To remind employees of other tradesmen working in areas that could potentially render them susceptible to injury if proper precautions are not initiated.

Concrete disposal can be a significant hassle for your project. Our team has the knowledge, equipment, and regulatory knowledge to handle your project’s on-site concrete recycling needs.

Waste concrete needs to be properly dealt with before your new project can begin. However, specialized knowledge of proper concrete recycling is necessary including how to choose and operate the right equipment, properly manage the pile while safely navigating a complex set of regulations.

Historically this unused material was simply taken to landfills, dump sites or stockpiled on some back lot. However modern best practices for concrete recycling now allows contractors to reuse this former waste turning it into high quality material for reuse on jobs. This helps keep job costs down while also lowering the carbon footprint and aiding the environment at the same time.

REMAC Demolition has been doing just this for more than 15 years. We have unique skills and equipment not readily available and we work hard to meet your needs in every way. This job history brings a deep knowledge and understanding of just how to put tons on the ground, something other crushing contractors struggle to match.



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