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Our multiphase disinfection process will leave your school free of COVID-19.
REMAC ENVIRIONMETAL has over 30 years in performing sophisticated and complex environmental projects ranging from decontaminating toxic chemical contaminated environments and bloodborne incident clean-ups to RCRA/hazardous waste disposal to virus disinfecting efforts. With regard to coronavirus disinfecting, REMAC has cultivated a multiphase disinfecting approach. Whether it is a public or a private school, we have a specific process to render your school safe and secure for all your students and faculty. This multiphase effort is initiated with a very aggressive deep cleaning, followed up by fogging, electrostatic spraying and/or handspring utilizing CDC/USEPA approved disinfectants. REMAC ENVIRONMENTAL is not a janitorial company. Our multiphase disinfection activities are based on science. During the development of our disinfection approach, we have completed a series of before and after tests to make sure that the cleaned surfaces are 99.9 percent virus free.
We understand your heavy burden and responsibility for the health of the most precious in our society. REMAC ENVIRONMENTAL can help you in this regard. Our environmental care experts have the experience and training. We perform our work of disinfecting classrooms, hallways, administrative offices, cafeterias, restrooms, gymnasiums, lockers and high touch areas in accordance with OSHA standards and directives including OSHA Title 29-1910 regulations. We take our job very seriously, especially during this pandemic crisis. REMAC will partner with you in providing a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for your students and faculty.
REMAC ENVIRONMENTAL technicians have completed Bloodborne Pathogens Training as per OSHA Title 29-1910. We are highly skilled and trained in preventing the spread of Coronavirus thus preventing COVID-19 at your school.

24 Hour Coronavirus Emergency Hotline

We provide 24/7 professional emergency help for Coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting.

How We Disinfect & Sanitize Public and Private Schools to Destroy COVID-19

Once the deep cleaning and disinfection has occurred, you will be given a Certificate of Disinfection. REMAC ENVIRONMENTAL is certified and an insured, providing the environmental services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and District of Columbia.

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