Cleaning & Disinfecting Services for Public Transportation Authorities


We have experience with local transportation authorities with deep cleaning and disinfecting.
REMAC has an extensive background in working with transportation authorities. We currently service WMATA – The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority, SEPTA – South Eastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority and other smaller transit authorities. When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting passenger railcars and buses, REMAC ENVIRONMENTAL knows what cleaning and disinfecting agents are best suited and exactly where on the passenger vehicle deep cleaning and disinfecting needs to occur. When eradicating the coronavirus, thus preventing COVID-19, we employ various deep cleaning and disinfecting chemicals utilizing foggers, electrostatic sprayers, misters as well as hand sprayers.
We protect electronics and sensitive equipment.
Our REMAC ENVIRONMENTAL technicians are acutely aware of protecting the electronics and other sensitive equipment when cleaning and disinfecting your people’s transportation vehicles. REMAC’s DISINFECTING TEAM will discuss with you the necessity of a thorough cleaning required in order to remove dirt, grease, body oil and other impediments which if not removed, will the lessen the efficacy of the disinfecting. REMAC wants to partner with you in providing a safe, secure and comfortable ride for your communities.

24 Hour Coronavirus Emergency Hotline

We provide 24/7 professional emergency help for Coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting.

How We Disinfect & Sanitize Buses and Passenger Railcars to Destroy COVID-19

Once the deep cleaning and disinfection has occurred, you will be given a Certificate of Disinfection. REMAC ENVIRONMENTAL is certified and an insured, providing the environmental services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and District of Columbia.

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