Storage Tank Removals

Tank Removals Done Right!

Remac Environmental Tank Removal Services is certified for tank closures… 

Remac is also certified for subsurface activities (soil and groundwater sampling).  All necessary State permits will be applied for and obtained prior to starting on any site work activities.

Remac Environmental will contact the local government, both construction and fire department regarding required local permits and inspections. As part of the tank project, Remac Environmental will prepare and submit the necessary local permits for closure of the tank. Local permits are typically required for every underground and aboveground storage tank removal project.

As required by law, Remac Environmental will notify the applicable underground utility location service to obtain a utility mark out at the subject site. We will obtain a confirmation number as verification that the utility mark out was requested. Markouts take at least three (3) business days to complete. Utility markouts do not include the private portions of service lines which are the owner’s responsibility to maintain. In cases where the owner is unsure of underground utility locations a private utility markout can be performed.

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